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myWorld @ Leica Geosystems

The World at your fingertips
The success of your business rests on two valuable investments: your personnel and your equipment. Leica Geosystems’ information portal myWorld provides instant access to a world of knowledge and information that will keep both your personnel and equipment up-to-date and operating at their best.
People are key to the success of any company. myWorld offers up-to-date training and support that will build confidence and competence, optimizing your personnel’s knowledge and allowing them to reach their full potential.

myWorld provides 24/7 access to all information you require to actively manage your equipment. Detailed information on individual products and their service history aids in maintaining their value while at the same time enabling maximum efficiency and productivity.

myWorld @ Leica Geosystems Video


Benefit by staying up-to-date and getting the most out of your products.

View detailed information about your products (purchased options, CCPs, etc.).
Stay up-to-date with the latest documentation.
Perform automatic on-line software updates easily
Profit from myWorld detailed service records that allow you to better plan equipment deployment.
View the complete service history of your products.
Have instant access to status of current service cases.
Professional support at your convenience enables you to maintain maximum productivity.
View the complete history of your support cases.
Create support requests online that are promptly answered by skilled professionals.
Increase your product knowledge and productivity.
Benefit from online training material as well as online registration for newsletters, local seminars and training courses..
Keep up-to-date with the latest information on your products.

Some features may not be available in all markets.

myWorld @ Leica Geosystems

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