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Leica iCON roller

Achieve more with visualisation of the compaction process
Experience the unique benefits of Leica iCON machine control systems now in your roller with its easy and straightforward visualisation of the compaction process.
With the iCON roller, simplicity is key as it helps to monitor and to document the compaction process while at the same timing improving the compaction quality and reducing operational costs.
  • Easy retrofitable for any roller specification
  • GNSS positioning up to 2 cm accuracy in position
  • Coloured visualisation of pass count mapping on screen
  • Speed monitoring and warning for constant compaction progress
  • Avoid over- and undercompaction and resulting costly rework
  • Wireless data transfer for real-time monitoring of progress
  • Job reports for quality control or payment release

Leica Geosystems offers 3D machine control solutions for grading, dozing, excavating and paving applications. The iCON roller for compaction completes this offering for an application that is extremely important for the long lasting quality of an infrastructure project or building of any kind. Small quality deviations could have cost-intensive consequences if the compacted ground in each layer is not suitable for the required load. iCON roller makes the compaction work for the roller operator and the contractor easier and at lower costs, helping to achieve higher compaction quality with lower risks of any kind of deformations or cracks.


  • Upload project data (xml files) via iCON telematics
  • Import layer files with pass count and speed targets
  • Customise the screen (top or 3D view / off-set view)

Work progress

  • Automated logging of work process with GPS coordinates
  • Activate vibration function when applicable
  • Monitor coloured pass count mapping on display
  • Stay within speed window and follow speed warnings
  • Work is finished when entire job is covered with targeted number of passes

Quality control

  • Monitor progress in real time via iCON telematics
  • In case several rollers are on the job, iCON telematics combines the job data to one comprehensive job report
  • Generate a job report for quality control or payment release

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