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HxIP - Hexagon Imagery Program

The Hexagon Imagery Program provides a high-quality and consistent aerial imagery data base
The Hexagon Imagery Program, available through the cloud, offers premium imagery captured with Leica Geosystems’ airborne sensors.
Widespread commercial viability of satellite imagery for professional use has been plagued by:
  • geometric accuracy
  • radiometric consistency
  • off-nadir collections
  • inability to capture in difficult weather areas

The proven solution to these challenges for more than 90 years has been airborne imagery. 

Taking airborne imagery from the sky to the cloud
With the release of the Hexagon Imagery Program, or HxIP, in June 2014, quality geospatial imagery, captured with Leica Geosystems’ airborne sensors, is now available online.

Partnering with our airborne sensor customers across the globe, this ecosystem of valuable data and content streams:

  • enhanced resolution
  • four-band orthos
  • point clouds
  • stereo imagery

Providing on-demand aerial imagery
Through two imagery services, HxIP feeds your GIS with detailed imagery of populated locations in the continental United States, Canada and various European regions.

The Basemap Service, ideal for infrastructure inspections and a foundation to derive context for GIS layers, is cached imagery of current 30-centimetre true colour updated on a regular basis.

The Multispectral Imagery Service, a model example for rich image analysis and exploration activities, provides access to the original pixel values of the four-band (R, G, B and NIR) 30-centimetre imagery.

As more content partners join the HxIP, program coverage is rapidly increasing with full coverage of the U.S. expected by the end of the year.

Accessing HxIP 
Today, the HxIP is available through the cloud via multiple content service providers: